Life Organizer

48.0 oz

Wouldn't it be grand if this really could get your life organized? That's kind of a tall order, but this multi-functional bag can definitely get you on your way. 

With so much crisis everywhere we turn, focuses are shifting towards making sure loved ones and family members know where the important household documents are kept. This organizer is designed to put your mind at ease when you collect the important papers of your family, your career, your history, your life. 

This large capacity waterproof, fire-resistant document bag organizes your papers, and also your smaller items (like credit cards and passports) in it's storage pouches. Always know where your credentials are. Put your diploma in a storage file pocket. Priceless family photos? Plenty of room for those. Don't forget birth certificates, wills, car registrations... the list is endless of things you can organize in here. 

The Life Organizer Bag has a fabric handle for easy carrying and is foldable for easy storage. The password-protected lock card design will keep prying eyes away from your stuff.

Scratchproof, shockproof and durable, it features high-quality wear-resistant Oxford cloth; elastic net pocket, visible honeycomb net bag design.

The storage bag provides a clean and tidy answer for your life's clutter, provides peace of mind and makes it simple to collect memories. 

14.5" x 11" x 4"