About Us

When you move 2800 miles from your lifetime home 10 days before the country is shut down for a global pandemic, you find you need to explore your options. That's what happened to me. I had intentions of opening this same exact business when I moved to Newport, Oregon in March. After watching and waiting, I decided that rather than open the live store I'd intended, I'd go virtual. 

MistyMuse is a gallery, a gift shop, a make-you-laugh emporium, an "I've never seen that before" retailer, a marketplace of items both beautiful and delicious, a mercantile for worldly desires.

Over time, it will include one of a kind pieces from artists all over the country, clothing designed for comfort first and many more unique items curated from talented local artisans.

Thanks for stopping! Share MistyMuse with your friends... maybe they'll buy you cool things.